Awareness Based Coaching (ABC)

The vision of Awareness Based Coaching (ABC) is an ICF Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP). It aims to develop coaches who are eager to learn and practice core competencies of coaching and apply their knowledge and skills in coaching engagements to support human transformation.

Program Goals

Learning Sets


Program Details

Learning Outcomes

At the end of successful completion of the ABC coach training program, all participants are able to understand and apply core competencies as prescribed by ICF markers for a professional certified coach.


Program Goals

The ABC Coach Training is a learner-centered program that is designed to support the development of professional coaches. The main goals of the program are as follows:

  • Support learning and practice of core competencies and skills necessary for a professional coach 

  • Comply with the requirements of an Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) of International Coach Training (ICF) to maintain the global standard

  • Encourage and promote lifelong learning through follow-up advanced learning opportunities of sharing knowledge


Learning Sets

We deliver our program through 8 learning sets.

The combined contact hours of all sets are 144 whereas 80% of these hours are synchronous.

Coaching Skills Training (Basic) +

Contact Hours: 30

Delivery Mode: In-Person Classroom

Program Content:

  • Establishing the coaching agreement

  • ICF code of ethics

  • The role and function of coaching

  • Establishing trust and intimacy

  • Internal vs external coaching

  • Coach presence

  • Active listening

  • Powerful questions

  • Goal setting

  • Coaching models

  • The OSCAR model

  • Direct communication

  • Designing actions

  • Coaching clients through change

  • Observed coaching practice

Coaching Skills Training (Advanced) +

Contact Hours: 30

Delivery Mode: In-Person Classroom

Program Content:

  • Facilitating Learning

  • Establishing Trust at a Deeper Level

  • Enhancing Coach Presence

  • Coaching for Change and through the Change

  • Coaching Niches

  • Using Assessments in Coaching

  • Issues in Life and Organizational Coaching

  • Coaching Tools and Processes

  • Developing your own Coaching Model

  • Special Topics in Coaching

Interactive Live Webinars (with pre-reading material) +

Total Contact Hours: 30

Duration of webinar: 90 minutes Live after pre-reading of 1.5 hours

Delivery Mode: Bi-weekly live online with pre-reading and thought sharing

List of Interactive Webinars

1 - Understanding emotions and feelings for effective coaching (Part 1)

2 - Understanding emotions and feelings for effective coaching (Part 2)

3 - What coaches can learn from adult learning theories? (Part 1)

4 - What coaches can learn from adult learning theories? (Part 2)

5 - Ethical dilemmas and challenges in coaching?

6 - Relevance of coaching to human development and transformation (Part 1)

7 - Relevance of coaching to human development and transformation (Part 2)

8 - What coaches need to know about human energy system? (Part 1)

9 - What coaches need to know about human energy system? (Part 2)

10 - Skillful language in coaching

11 - Coaching for leadership development

12 - Issues of culture and gender in coaching

Mentor Coaching +

Contact Hours: 10 (7 group sessions and 3 one-to-one sessions)

Delivery Mode: Live online

Mentor coaching is coaching on your coaching. Each student experiences 7 group mentor coaching sessions by an ICF credentialed coach. During the group mentor coaching sessions students bring their issues while coaching their clients. For one-to-one sessions, each student shall submit a 30-minute recorded (audio) coaching session. The coach will listen to the recording and provide verbal feedback on the proficiency of the core competencies demonstrated by the student.

Observed Coaching +

Contact Hours: 6 (group sessions)

Delivery Mode: Live online

An experienced coach observes a live coaching session and provides written report to the coaching student at regular intervals throughout the observed coaching journey of six sessions.

Coaching Implementation Mastery +

Contact Hours: 5 group sessions on a monthly basis

Delivery Mode: Live online

Students meet in smaller groups (usually of 5) for an hour each time to discuss one or more core competencies and share their learnings within the group. Participants designate (in rotation) one of them as a facilitator to moderate the group discussion.

Peer Coaching +

Contact Hours: 15 (15 one-to-one sessions)

Delivery Mode: In-Person or Live online

Students coach their peer students in dyadic session for an hour. Each student gets an opportunity to coach three students for total of 15 sessions over the course of 4-5 months.

My Life Book (Home Assignment) +

Contact Hours: 12

Delivery Mode: Home assignment

My Life Book documents life of a student. It includes personal development, adult years, community, career journey, family, intimate and social relations, health/aging, finance, spiritual awareness, fun & enjoyment, among other aspects of life. It helps them know who they have been and who they are becoming at a deeper level.




Iftikhar Nadeem, PCC

Iftikhar is an executive leadership coach and coach trainer.

He has conducted ACTP level coach training programs. Iftikhar is very grateful for opportunities to coach people ranging from students, homemakers, corporate leaders, entrepreneurs and members of the royal family. Prior to his coaching passion, he led various large scale organizational transformation and/or change management programs.

Iftikhar has supervised several leadership development programs, strategy and governance initiatives, and led several transformations of human resources functions. He has a BS and MS in industrial engineering and a Ph.D. candidate in Leadership Coaching.

He has completed his executive education at both London Business School and INSEAD.  

Leni Wildflower, PhD, PCC

Leni has more than 25 years experience as an executive coach, author and educator working in the US, UK, Europe, China and Latin America. Her passion as a coach is to inspire clients to reach new levels of clarity and effectiveness. She is one of the ‘thought leaders’ worldwide on coaching as a profession, a discipline and a craft. She is an innovator - designing, developing and delivering the ground-breaking program of coach training, Evidence-Based Coaching, at Fielding Graduate University, USA. Leni is an expert on how to combine theory with coaching practice. Leni also works as an executive coach, focusing both on C-suite executives as well as managers. Her corporate clients include Cowan International, Sony PlayStations, The National Institute of Health, WhiteWave Foods, Getty Images, Whirlpool International, Prudential Life Insurance Company, BP, HBO Films, Center For Creative Leadership, First Data Corporation, Walt Disney Productions, CNN, US Investigations Services, California Association of Independent Schools, Prince of Wales Trust, Laura Ashley Foundation, Goldcrest Pictures (UK), and Santa Barbara County Management. In addition, Leni works in conjunction with the International Coaching Federation to assist individuals in designing and accrediting coach training programs. With former ICF president Diane Brennan, Leni co-edited The Handbook of Knowledge-Based Coaching: From Theory to Practice, which was published by John Wiley and Sons in 2011 and is now used in coaching schools throughout North America. In her latest book The Hidden History of Coaching (McGraw Hill, 2013), she pursues her interest in the theories and movements that formed the basis of coaching.

Karl Hyden, MCC

Karl has over 30 years’ experience in coaching, mentoring and coach training in 33 countries. Karl works as an executive coach, mentor and consultants in specific areas like Mental Toughness & Resilience Development; Coaching Introverted Professionals to fully realize their potential, and Coaching the Family Dynamic in the Family Business. He has an MSc in Human Resource Management, specializing in Coaching and Mentoring from Sheffield Hallam University, UK, an MA in Performance Management from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, USA, and a primary degree in Music and Social Psychology. Karl is a Master Certified Coach (MCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF).

In his work with his clients, Karl combines a range of disciplines complementary to Coaching Psychology which include: Organizational Transactional Analysis (TA), Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Behavioral Coaching (CBC), Introvert Psychology, Positive Psychology, and Mental Toughness Development.


As an external coach, consultant, and trainer, Karl has worked with clients in industries including retail, technology, statutory, manufacturing, financial services, transport, local government, education, non-profit and the voluntary sector. Karl has been privileged to work with clients in a range of organizations, including Aer Lingus, Amazon, Apple, Blizzard, Dell, Diageo, Irish Defence Forces, Kellogg’s, Nestle, Tyco, Zara, as well as several universities, banking institutions, and government departments.

Pia Ault, PCC

Pia is a certified business executive and leadership coach. She is highly skilled in business coaching, professional development, career transition, training and facilitation and coaching teams in culturally diverse and sensitive environments. She holds an International MBA from Roosevelt University in Chicago, IL, as well as a Master’s of Science in Social Psychology, from Walden University, US. She is a licensed trainer in Dynamic Emotional Integration (Karla Mclaren) integrating empathy and emotions into the coaching process where applicable. Pia also holds a certification from Equine Alchemy, US, in Equine Assisted Coaching and Facilitation, incorporating horses into her leadership development and coaching practice. Pia has held various leadership positions at multinationals since 1990. As Director of Strategy & Business Development, she coached and mentored new managers in Central and South Africa. She has also worked in strategic partner relations at a large consulting firm in Middle East. Her coaching clients include Chalhoub, Landmark, Equinix, Symantics, VisaCard ME, Accenture, Dubai Airports, Serco, Standard Chartered Bank, ADNOC, HP, Procter & Gamble, Microsoft, SAP, London Business School, King Fahd University, Dubai Executive Council, du Telecom and Raytheon.

Barbara Heenan, PCC

Barb is an international transformational coach and coach trainer since 2007, Barb has more than 3,500 hours of coaching with a wide variety of clients from rock’n’roll musicians to VPs and CXOs in industries such as pharma, advertising, hospitals, distribution, tech, and venture capital. Companies include Allstate, AbbVie, American Hospital Association, Dairy Management, Inc., Equity Residential, Exelon, and Koch. Barb is a dynamic trainer with over 3,000 hours as a facilitator for corporate workshops and keynotes, including having taught over 2,000 people the art and science of coaching as a Lead Trainer. Speaking engagement clients include: Allstate, BPI Group, Deloitte, Exelon, International Coach Federation, and Microsoft. Barb’s passion is launching people to their potential and nurturing their dreams and goals. She combines humor, compassion, and laser insight to support clients seeing themselves in a new light and acting on their goals with greater clarity, whether personal or professional.

PHOTO dana.jpg

Dana Barto, PCC

Dana is an experienced Kids Coach and Coach Educator for Children Coaching and the Founder of I CAN Self Development for Kids, the first kids and youth coaching organization in the Middle East. Being a mom of two twin boys herself, Dana finds working with children and families extremely rewarding. She takes pride in her ability to connect with children as they transform into confident, responsible, and empowered individuals. She works on a triangular model - involving not only kids but parents and teachers - to enable kids to overcome obstacle, explore options, set goals, gain self-awareness and achieve balance and resilience. Earlier, in her life, Dana had a successful career in the corporate world, holding numerous high-ranking positions and providing professional services to various industries including marketing, management training, and consulting.  Dana is a PhD candidate and holds an MBA degree. She is an ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and a Certified Children Coach.


Program Details

Program Locations

The programs are offered in Pakistan and Arabian Gulf countries.

Program Language

The entire program is offered in English language. Participants are expected to be proficient to communicate in in English.

Intended participants

Currently, six students are enrolled. They are professionals in HR, IT and business administration. In future, it is intended to have 10-20 students in each batch.

Requirements students must meet to enter the program

This program is for those who are eager to learn and grow and become part of a movement for human transformation for creating a better world. People of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to join.

Policies on payment of tuition and fees

Total program fee is USD 4,950.00. Students have option to pay the fee in two equal instalments.

Policies on withdrawals and refunds

Students are entitled to withdraw from the program at any stage of the program. Our fee refund policy is as follows:

  • Only the admin fee of USD 350.00 is deducted if a student withdraws any time prior to first classroom training
  • 60% of the total fee is refunded if a student withdraws immediately after the first classroom training
  • 20% of the total fee is refunded if a student withdraws immediately after the advanced classroom training

Program Schedule

Class of 2019: August 1, 2019 through January 31, 2020

Class of 2020: April 1, 2020 through September 30, 2020

  • Free Webinar - Introduction to ACTP Bridge Program - March 23 2021
    Tue, Mar 23
    Mar 23, 6:30 PM – 7:00 PM GMT+4
    The vison of this program is to support you to become an ICF credentialed ACC/PCC coach in the fastest time with minimum investment. This is a supplementary program that protects your training at RSCI and coaching hours accumulated so far.